Port Perry Real Estate - Homes For Sale

The main types of properties that are for rent are condos, cottages and townhomes. The baseline monthly rental fees are anywhere from $1,400 to 2,000. The main types of rental homes are two and three bedroom rentals. The waterfront properties are the most sought after types of properties in Port Perry. The homes that are for sell are in the same category, they are two and three bedroom homes on the waterfront, cottages, farm houses, bungalows, townhomes and condo’s. Some detached homes are also available. The median price that these homes are selling for is $300,000. Prices range all the way up into the high $700,000. 
Many home owners are selling their homes privately and they are doing fairly well. The real estate market in Canada is not as severe as it is in the United States; the sale of homes has not been affected as badly. The banks are not in such dire straights as the banks are here in the states. It is still best to buy ad sell wisely regardless of the current market. 

The rental market is much more active right now than the for sell market. Many people are coming from other places to rent homes in Port Perry because it is so beautiful. Many people are renting their homes when they can’t sell right away. Port Perry has beautiful waterfront properties that are selling fairly well because so many people love to live near the water front. When winter comes and the ice fishing and snowmobiling starts this is when the native Port Perry residents come out in full force. 

It's no surprise that the talk of the wonders of Port Perry will be getting around so enjoy the quietness and the quaintness of the life in this small town. Rent or buy whatever you are able to do, but just get there. The beautiful lakes and waterfront area will drive you to want to stay. Become a part of a wonderful community and become a new Port Perry Resident. You will feel like you are in heaven. The night life and the day’s entertainment will keep you happy. 

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